Expense Insights

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Quick and Easy Cloud based Employee Expense Management Software.

Precise Methods

‘Work smarter not harder’ and outsource your own job!

Mesurable Results

Any platform, anywhere: Better mobile functionality from Expense Insigths

Expense Insights is a hosted software solution for managing and tracking employee expenses and time sheets. Using a web browser, employees complete electronic forms that then follow an automated process for online approval and payment.
Expense Insights has you covered with a wide array of dyanamic tools to assist you in building your business and personal finances to the next level.

With Expense Insights , cloud-based and mobile, automated expense management solution:

  • Employees can easily create and submit expense claims that are accurate and in-policy
  • Managers can quickly review, approve, process and audit claims and provide more rapid employee reimbursement
  • Companies gain easy access to employee expense data utilizing over 170 customized reports, increasing the visibility and intelligence of corporate spend while tightly monitoring corporate compliance.

Expenses Insights is an online tool which helps you to manage and keep track your everyday, monthly and yearly income and expenses in single place.

Features List

Mileage Validation
Vehicle Management
Input Expenses
Card Payments
Travel Booking
Report Writer
Mobile Apps